Dr. Wendy Van Dilla

Examples of My Approach to Health


A woman comes to me for help with menopause. I take a complete history, and do appropriate physical exams and laboratory tests. I then look carefully at lifestyle factors that affect menopause such as diet and exercise, making specific suggestions that will help alleviate symptoms. I suggest specific naturopathic, homeopathic or herbal remedies to support the menopausal transition.

Joint Pain

Another person is having problems with joint pain. A careful history and physical exam is done. I look at underlying factors such as diet, stress and repetitive use, and then make recommendations. I suggest specific herbal, homeopathic or hydrotherapy treatments to alleviate distress and to resolve underlying health issues that may be causing the joint pain.


Another example is a person with depression. I do a careful history with appropriate physical exams and laboratory tests to establish the diagnosis. I look carefully at lifestyle and nutritional factors, since these may play a key role in depression. I make recommendations specific to the individual and in coordination with prescription medications. I may also recommend counseling as needed.

As a naturopathic physician, I apply a holistic approach to health problems, taking into consideration the physical body, the mind and emotions, and the lifestyle and beliefs. I focus on supporting the body, mind, and spirit to regain normal, healthy functions and improve the person's quality of life.