Dr. Wendy Van Dilla

What does a Naturopathic Physician Do?

Naturopathic Physicians are trained to diagnose and treat a wide range of health conditions, similar to a primary care medical doctor (M.D.). Naturopathic Physicians also look for signs and symptoms of developing problems often not recognized or considered treatable otherwise.

The Naturopathic Physician works as your partner to promote your best health. As your Naturopathic Physician, I help you focus on nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, sleep, relaxation and self-care habits so that you may best support your own health and healing. We include emotional and spiritual health as well as physical. I am a health educator and a coach, supporting you when things get tough and cheering you on to your personal goals.

The Naturopathic Physician generally does not have hospital privileges and does not provide hospital care. In some states, licensed Naturopathic Physicians can prescribe some pharmaceutical medications, such as antibiotics, and refer to a M.D., Nurse Practitioner or Physicians Assistant for other prescriptions.

Interview with John-Hans Melcher

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